How you contact your customers is key. With the innovation of technology and increased use of video over the years, there has been a growing need for audio transcription services. This ensures the form of communication is accessible to all and can reach a more diverse audience across multiple channels. 

When we speak specifically about voicemail, the use of transcription has become a great way to communicate with your audience. Leaving a clear and concise transcription lets the audience see clearly who they need to contact and what their next steps are — all by quickly scanning a message. Rather than trying to write down the name and number from a voicemail, they can simply look at the text. This is much easier for a consumer. When customers have a clear understanding of the next steps, they call you back prepared to come to a resolution, which ultimately improves your ROI.

Ways transcription improves response to calls

  • People read voicemails: More people read voicemails than listen to them today. If your message is transcribed then you can present the exact message as you want your audience to consume it. It’s right in front of them with a clear call to action to respond as soon as they are ready. 
  • You can include links within your message: Include clickable links to a person’s account so that they can immediately pay a balance and respond to a request. Our DirectDrop Voicemail platform, which allows you to send a voicemail drop to a customer’s phone without the interruption of a phone call, includes a message appendation feature, which allows you to attach an append to the end of your messages and send user-specific information like account numbers.
  • Example: If you sent a message to one user about collecting a debt, then you could attach that user’s account number at the end of that message, which can help lead to quicker resolutions because users can immediately be directed to that account’s portal.
  • Provides clear directions: Transcription makes your message clearer than ever before. You can set out clear and direct instructions for people to get back to you. Eliminate the need for follow-up calls, and eliminate any miscommunication. Set your expectations for the person to respond. 

Utilizing Our DirectDrop Transcription Feature 

With DirectDrop voicemail, you can create a landline-to-landline connection to the end-user voicemail platform- not the mobile phone- and deliver the voicemail there. 

Now, with the transcription feature, we can work with you to make sure the transcription says what you need and links the proper parts that you need. You can use this feature in your next voicemail campaign to help you deliver the clearest and most accurate message to your audience. 

When using DirectDrop Voicemail, most of our clients report back that they see an ROI that is 4-5x the spend. Instead of dialing around wasting time listening to phones ring, get the word out to your entire audience at scale and then spend your time with the ones that call in ready to talk. More inbound calls = more revenue. It’s as easy as that. 

You can read more about the ways different businesses have utilized DirectDrop Voicemail, and learn more about one of our other favorite new features here.

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