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"Gives us the ability to obtain productivity without costing us man-hours. It also reduces our Dialer size, which enables more time for collectors to work through other specific queues."
Kyle Sternig, Landmark Credit Union
Collections have soared since we started using DirectDrop Voicemail service. The investment has paid off in a big way. We now reach tens of thousands of mobile contacts with compliance.”
“VoApps helps speed up the turnaround time significantly. Used in combination with inbound agents, we are able to get through to those who are willing to pay more quickly.”
IT Directors, Bonneville Collections
“Our call center explodes every time we do a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign.”
VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Finance System, Inc

While times are good, higher balances can lead to higher delinquency rates.

Credit union growth is up over 14% and loan balances are up over 11%. But getting on the phone with members is a challenge as they often ignore calls from unknown numbers. Plus, auto dialers and calling mobile phones are highly restricted under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Buy 5,000 messages, Get 5,000 free messages.

With DirectDrop Voicemail, contact your members with the familiar confidence they expect.

DirectDrop Voicemail leaves a voicemail on a member’s mobile phone. This patented technology works by making a direct connection from the carrier switch to the carrier’s voicemail platform, rather than the mobile device itself. The member receives a voicemail alert, allowing them to contact you when they are ready.

Manage member debt in order to temper potentially growing delinquency rates.

That means your staff can:

  1. Reach more contacts in less time
  2. Leave multiple DirectDrop Voicemails for the price of one manual dial
  3. Generate immensely more inbound calls from members ready to talk
  4. Empower members to take action commensurate with their schedule
  5. Reduce delinquency
  6. Enable collection representatives to spend time answering quality inbound calls from members looking for resolution, rather than “dialing for dollars.”

It’s time to change the way you do business. You can deploy a campaign in minutes.