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“Collections have soared ...since we started using DirectDrop Voicemail service. The investment has paid off in a big way. We now reach tens of thousands of mobile contacts with compliance.”
Michelle Kelley, COO, FEDChex
"Increased RPC and Cashflow"
Matt Kiefer, Preferred Group of Tampa
"VoApps has given us a means to reach out to a large volume of consumers without the use of manual intervention and the messaging campaigns have yielded us meaningful return calls that result in revenue!"
Jeffrey Taddeo, Hunter Warfield Inc.

Your biggest challenge likely lies in reaching consumers.

Debt collection complaints top the list of consumer complaints received by the FTC with almost 900,000 complaints received. Don’t add to this number. We know it is hard to achieve a live conversation with consumers. When they see the phone ring and don’t recognize the number, chances are they won’t answer it.

What options are you left with then when it comes to reaching consumers and collecting on their outstanding debt?


With DirectDrop Voicemail, consumers are empowered to resolve their business on their terms.

DirectDrop Voicemail leaves a voicemail on a consumer’s mobile phone. It works by making a direct connection from the carrier’s switch to the carrier’s voicemail platform, rather than the mobile device itself. The consumer receives a voicemail alert, allowing them to contact you when they are prepared and interested in resolution.

Easily and quickly send reminder messages in a less intrusive way.

The result is:

  1. Easily contacting consumers/patients at scale
  2. Making four consumer touches for the price of one manual dial
  3. Generating 4x the inbound calls from consumers seeking a resolution
  4. Having 4x the chance of collecting an outstanding debt
  5. Boost agent morale by focusing time on answering quality inbound calls rather than futile outbound dialing
  6. Maintaining a positive relationship with your consumer by not disrupting their day

Ready to reach more consumers and free up your agents time?