What if you could send more immediate messages to consumers immediately after they submit a request by creating a single number within the API? With our new feature, you can! 

Most DirectDrop Voicemail users access the software through our web portal, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Application Programming Interface (API). Previously, customers knew that to send a message you had to create a file with a bunch of individual numbers you want to contact, pick a message and then pick the number you wanted to display.

This is a “one of many” solution, which means that the one number contacts many users. With this new feature, via API, you can send out one message at a time rather than having to create a file for each one or add a batch of phone numbers. This is something we see that could have a huge impact on the online lending space. 

Here’s what this solves for:

  • Sending a voicemail on-demand from within your software with a click
  • Automatically contacting new applications or placements immediately after submissions—gives your business the ability to follow up on leads and strike while the iron is hot. 
  • Send on-demand payment reminders to consumers
  • Send e-signature deadlines
  • Send one message at a time

We’ve built this integration into your system to help you increase your conversion rate and increase your bottom line by allowing you to contact more leads in real-time, as soon as they hit submit and ask for lending information. 

We want to help your business increase its conversion rate. That’s why we’ve created features like this to help answer big problems with these specific solutions. If you want to learn more about how you can implement this, let us know today and we can set you up with a demo!

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