With automotive sales, you have to be in constant communication with your customers. As a sales representative, having touch points with your customers, whether it be about the specific car they’re looking at, customer information required, or new promotions, you need to be able to follow up and communicate with them to complete a sale. 

One of those ways that you can communicate with your customers is voicemail. With voicemail, the message is less intrusive. The person can still receive the message without picking up the phone and can listen to the voicemail whenever they would like to. Think about it- how often are your customers answering your phone calls? If you’re leaving voicemails anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to automate that? To spend less time making phone calls and more time taking them?     

With voicemail, you can reach your customers quickly, create better engagements and enhance your communication process. 

Here are a few specific ways that you can use voicemail in automotive sales: 

  • Upcoming sales: You can send a voicemail alerting customers about recent pricing deals to encourage them to buy now. 
  • Customer appreciation events: You can send a voicemail to invite existing and potential customers to customer appreciation events to build a relationship with them. 
  • New vehicle launches: Let your existing and potential customers know when new models are released. 

Using DirectDrop Voicemail 

DirectDrop Voicemail connects from the switch to the voicemail server housed at the carrier’s data center, which then relays the “message-waiting” notification to the end user. With DirectDrop Voicemail, you can send a voicemail to multiple recipients, without the hassle of having to call every person on your own. This is especially great to use in automotive sales, that way your potential prospects will get the message, all without the inconvenience. For more information on how you can utilize DirectDrop Voicemail, learn more here.

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