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Collections have soared since we started using DirectDrop Voicemail service. The investment has paid off in a big way. We now reach tens of thousands of mobile contacts with compliance.”
“VoApps helps speed up the turnaround time significantly. Used in combination with inbound agents, we are able to get through to those who are willing to pay more quickly.”
IT Directors, Bonneville Collections
“Our call center explodes every time we do a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign.”
VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Finance System, Inc

U.S. customers are falling behind on loans, and online lenders are really feeling it.

Customers prefer friendly reminder messages to complete their loan application on time. In lieu of your call center agents manually dialing or nagging customers uncomfortably with an auto-dialer, VoApps can deliver thousands of customer-friendly voicemails on your behalf in minutes. Customers seeking resolution will be contacting your staff shortly thereafter.

The result for your company is higher conversion and improved customer experience.

With DirectDrop Voicemail, customers are empowered to respond at their earliest convenience.

DirectDrop Voicemail leaves a voicemail to your customer. It works by making a direct connection from the carrier switch to the carrier’s voicemail platform, rather than the mobile device itself. The customer receives a voicemail alert, prompting them to contact you as soon as they are ready.

Drive more calls, have more positive interactions.

Watch your inbound call volume skyrocket from loan applicants seeking rapid funding and expressing gratitude for payment reminders in the event their loan falls past due.

This means you can:

  1. Reach more contacts in less time
  2. Generate 4x the inbound calls from customers seeking a resolution
  3. Enable collection agents to spend time answering quality inbound calls from customers
  4. Empower customers to take action when their schedule allows it
  5. Increase collections and reduce delinquency
  6. Generate repeat business (a friendlier way to remarket)
  7. Easily follow up on applications

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