DirectDrop Voicemail campaigns have a new level of customization that was previously unavailable on any voicemail-dropping platform. With our new Message Appendation feature, users can attach an alphanumeric suffix to the end of each message.

Let’s break down what this means further: 

Previously when you sent a message using our platform, it would send the same message to every member of your audience. But now, you can attach an append to the end of those messages and send user-specific information like account numbers.

So, for example, if you sent a message to one user about collecting a debt, then you could attach that user’s account number at the end of that message, which can help lead to quicker resolutions because users can immediately be directed to that account’s portal.

How it works: 

  • Each recorded message ends with the prompt “… and please reference account number”
  • The web portal adds the alphanumeric string to each message 
  • The end product voicemail is left with the appended message

It’s that easy.
An example of how this feature can be used specifically is in the collections space. The voicemail message is sent with transcription to an individual. The debt collector can include for that user a unique URL suffix, which links to a consumer’s entry portal. Now, with that link, they can log in to view specific information as it relates to them with clear instructions on how to resolve that debt. You can repeat this process many times over with each user and a different append that links to their account.

Since you now have access to this feature, you can more easily push out a specific message to individual users instead of the same message to everyone.

This is something that’s brand new and would be a great addition to your next voicemail campaign. Want to learn more about this feature and how to implement it? Let us know!

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