If you’re using DirectDrop Voicemail for your business, then that’s already one of the best steps you could take toward increasing the number of quality inbound calls your business receives. 

Voicemail is still an effective sales tool, and it can help you increase touchpoints, qualify leads and create an overall better experience for your customers. But if you really want to maximize the potential of this technology, then you need to learn how to leave effective voicemails. 

Here are 3 secrets to leaving the perfect voicemail for your business’ campaign that will ultimately encourage your customers to return your call. 

Script your voicemails

One of the first keys to sending an effective voicemail is to be clear from the start. It’s always a good practice to make sure you’ve clearly laid out all of the points you need to hit in this voicemail, and we even give business owners the tools and ability to craft customizable voicemails for your specific target audience.

By scripting out your voicemails, you can clearly lay out what you need to say in a given voicemail campaign. Be careful of what you say in these voicemail scripts, and make sure you test out different scripts to see what gets the best response. 

Short, sweet and to the point

As a general rule, we tell clients to keep voicemails under 20 seconds. You should still be able to speak your message clearly and slowly and fill that time frame. 

It’s also important to make sure only include the most relevant information in the voicemail—please, don’t ramble. There’s a reason why you called, make sure the consumer is clear on that.

Leave the customer with clear expectations

When you make a phone call, saying “goodbye” seems like the most logical ending. But is that really the best conclusion to leave on a voicemail? You don’t want to offer the recipient an out or make it seem like the call has been resolved. We want to leave them needing a reason to call you back.

You want to make sure your expectations are clear. We’ve learned that by using DirectDrop Voicemails we can empower customers to call you back at their own convenience. Put the ball back in their court and give them a clear directive to call you when they are ready for a resolution.

There’s no way to guarantee you’ll get a call back from a consumer, but DirectDrop Voicemail has consistently helped clients increase their return on investment by 4-5x the spend. We know we can help you generate more callbacks and improve your customer’s perception of your business.

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