Your business has started using voicemail dropping because you want to create better interactions with your consumers. Our DirectDrop Voicemail technology is one of the best ways to deliver customizable messages. It saves you time, helps increase touchpoints, which leads to better brand exposure and even more inbound calls. 

We believe in this tool, and we know you’ll believe in it too once you start to see your return on investment. As you move forward with your next voicemail campaign, it’s time to think through your voicemail scripts and how to set yourself up for success. 

Here are words and phrases you should avoid when you record your messages to send to clients: 


These messages are going out to your business contact list, and it can be interpreted as too casual for this audience. Yes, you want to be friendly and speak with confidence, but you don’t ever want your message to be perceived as unprofessional or disrespectful. 


It’s not likely you would ever include “uhh” or “umm” in a script, but these filler words can still make their way into a recording if you aren’t careful. Words like these can make you come across unprepared and unsure of yourself. You have a limited amount of time to grab a consumer’s attention, so it’s important to listen back to recordings to make sure your message is clear and concise and record a new message if you catch yourself using filler words like this. 

Sorry to disturb you

It can be tempting to say something like, “Sorry to disturb you, but…” As a general rule: it’s best not to start your message to consumers off by apologizing for reaching out to them in the first place. You’ve contacted them for a reason, so clearly lay out your reasons for contacting them. People don’t like to answer a phone call when it’s coming from an unknown number, but they’ll respond to a voicemail if one is left. So you can be confident in knowing that there’s a purpose for your message. 

May I? Could I? Can I?

If I could just have a few moments of your time” is a common phrase we hear. But think about conversations where you’ve heard this in the past. These kinds of permission phrases can leave the door open for consumers to not prioritize returning your call. Suddenly they start thinking of all the reasons why you can’t have any of their time. Make sure your messages have a clear call to action for your consumers that leaves them feeling empowered to return your call when it’s convenient for them. 


When ending a call, “goodbye” seems like the most natural conclusion. But it can give the recipient a feeling of a definitive conclusion when in actuality we’re hoping to encourage them to respond back. Saying something like, “Talk to you soon” gives people an invitation to call back.

The most effective way to empower your consumers is to put the ball in their court. 

Getting consumers on a call can be hard, but with the help of your agents, great customer service and powerful DirectDrop Voicemail Technology, you can change perceptions and empower your consumers. Get to know our DirectDrop Voicemail product and what it can do for you, or reach out to us here to start generating those callbacks.

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