Who knows your customers better than you? With DirectDrop Voicemail, we give business owners the tools and ability to craft customizable voicemails for your specific target audience. Here’s a look into how it works. 

The voicemail you leave on your customer’s phone is often the first point of contact and exposure you have personally with your consumer, so it is very important to ensure that it is personal and tailored to your audience. With DirectDrop Voicemail, we have created an alternative method to the Zortman Voicemail, which has been the industry standard voicemail for decades. 

With our customizable voicemails, you can craft a message yourself, or you can have VoApps do the talking.

Craft Your Own Customizable Voicemail 

You can reach your customers better than anyone else can. We have made it easy for you to upload a pre-recorded voice file, or you have the option to call your phone number, leave a message, and upload it directly to your campaign. 

A few of our tips for leaving a strong voicemail message are: 

• Know what you’re going to say ahead of time – write down a script if needed! 

• Start with a personal greeting 

• Limit the background noise 

• Play your recording back 

Here are some additional tips for recording your professional voice message. 

Let VoApps Do the Talking 

We give you the ability to choose from different features to tailor the messages from our staff of voice specialists to your preferences and client needs. You can choose from the following features: 

  •  Gender preference – do you want a male or female recording your message? 
  • Tone preference – what type of tone are you trying to convey to your customer? 
  • Voice pace – how slow or fast do you want your voicemail to be? 
  • Accent – we have clients that swear by an Australian accent, others that choose a Southern accent – it’s all up to you! 

By customizing your voicemail, we guarantee that you will reach your customers quickly and in a more personalized way. Try a demo of our DirectDrop Voicemail to see how it can enhance your business, just reach out to us here

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