As a healthcare business, communicating with your patients is extremely important. 

Patients may not always be the easiest people to track down, and sometimes the best and only option is to leave a voicemail. But you have to be careful about which information you share over a voicemail to make sure the call is compliant. 

So, are you able to use a service like DirectDrop Voicemail to contact patients with health information? 

Short answer, yes. But there’s more to it. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the HIPPA privacy rule to implement requirements of HIPPA. The Privacy Rule standards address “the use and disclosure of individuals’ health information” by “covered entities” like healthcare providers. This rule limits the disclosure of private information without the patient’s consent.

Are voicemails allowed under HIPPA?

HHS allows healthcare providers to leave voicemails for patients under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Healthcare providers can communicate with patients regarding their healthcare, and this includes communicating with patients at their homes through phone or “some other matter.” 

But there’s a limit to the information that can be disclosed—covered entities might consider just leaving only a name, number and information needed to confirm an appointment and then ask that the person call back. 

Also, if the patient has requested the entity communicate with them confidentially, then they “must accommodate that request, if reasonable.”

Voicemail use in the healthcare industry

We can help your healthcare business reach everyone on your contact list faster than manually dialing. Here are a few ways we can benefit your healthcare business

We take compliance seriously, and so should you. With VoApps, you can confidently contact your consumers safely and drive business results. 

Want to learn more about how DirectDrop Voicemail can help you reach your contact list quickly and at scale? Let us know how we can help you.

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