Strong communication is a core business function and essential to business success.

There are many different ways that you can communicate with your customers and clients (depending on the industry). Whether it be in-person communication, emailing, calling, texting, or voicemail it’s important to have a contact strategy in place that works well. 

With our DirectDrop Voicemail tool, you can develop voicemail campaigns that reach people quickly. But, how do you create one that you know will be successful? 

1. Define Your KPI 

We talked about the importance of creating a strong communication game plan and defining your objectives here. A good way of doing that is by coming up with a key performance indicator (KPI) for your voicemail campaign. A few examples of KPIs that can speak to the success of your campaign, depending on what industry you are in and what it is, are the actual number of inbound calls, the number of appointments booked through your campaign, or the overall ROI. 

2. Test Time & Tone

Testing is key to a successful voicemail campaign. Sometimes we have clients come to us after their first campaign with low ROI. We change up a few things, and boom – ROI doubles! Test sending your voicemail campaign on different days of the week and at different times to see which one yields the best results. Also, try testing the tone of voice and the actual content in the voicemail. People respond differently to different inflections and messages, so try testing different voices.

3. Utilize Our Campaign Pacing Feature

Frequency is huge when it comes to the success of your voicemail campaign. Our campaign pacing feature is built into our software and allows you to set up an automated campaign to deliver voice messages at a pace that matches your bandwidth. Instead of manual calling or using an autodialer, campaign pacing allows you to meter the number of messages going out so that the inbound calls are also spread throughout the day. 

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