A game plan is essential to executing an effective strategy. 

Think about it – what does a team do before a big game? Practice their game plan. 

What does an actor do before they get on stage? Practice their game plan. 

What does a leader do before a big speech? Practice their game plan. 

Your communication or contact strategy is essentially your game plan for how you will reach your customers and prospects. It creates a clear path connecting your sales objectives with how you will communicate and establish trust with your audience. 

A strong communication strategy starts with defining your objectives and practicing them before implementing them. Here are 3 communication strategy tips to grow your business: 

1. Tailor Your Message to Your Customer 

Personalization is key to strong communication. Do you know your audience well enough to personalize the message that you will be communicating? Do your research and make sure you know how to hit your audience’s pain points and ask probing questions. With DirectDrop Voicemail, our customizable communication technology, you can personalize your messages depending on who they are reaching. To learn more about our personalization features, click here. 

2. Define Your Objectives 

This is where having a game plan comes into play. Without a clear game plan or objective, it is hard to execute a strong communications strategy. No matter what industry you are in – business development, nonprofit organizations, collections, service companies, etc. – you have people you are trying to reach. Here are 3 objectives that we often tell clients to consider when developing their strategies: 

  1. Business Objectives (Ex: We want to increase ROI by X amount.) 
  2. Marketing Objectives (Ex: We want to increase sales, deals, close rates, applications completed, appointments booked, etc. by X amount) 
  3. Communication Objectives (Ex: We want to reach X amount of people within X amount of days and receive X number of inbound calls.) 

3. Practice Makes Perfect 

Just like with most things in life, practice makes perfect communication. Testing different messages on different audiences is a helpful way to know what works and what doesn’t work. Also, testing the day and time you communicate is a great way to discover what works best. Remember that your contact strategy won’t always be perfect the first go around! 

Our team has incredible experience working with clients that have all types of communication goals, and we are here to help you crystalize your strategy, develop a plan, and optimize from campaign to campaign to keep getting better results each time.

For more tips and tricks on communicating effectively, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about how our DirectDrop Voicemail tool can help you communicate with your audience quickly, book a meeting with our team today. 

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