Imagine if there was a better way than manually dialing people or emailing to reach your entire audience in a short amount of time. As a university administrator or staff member, your contact strategy to get a hold of parents, students, donors, sports team ticket holders, etc., is complex, but with the right tools and technology, it can be made simple. 

Through DirectDrop Voicemail, you can notify your entire audience about important information without the intrusion and inconvenience of a call. How does it work? DirectDrop Voicemail Service creates a landline-to-landline connection to the end user’s voicemail platform – not the mobile phone.

Here are a few ways that your university can use DirectDrop Voicemail: 

  • Athletic department reminders– Remind your annual ticket holders to purchase tickets of upcoming games, price changes, etc. Our tool is also a great, non-intrusive way to encourage ticket holders to donate to the program. 
  • Fundraising – As we said above, our voicemail dropping tool is a great way to encourage people to donate to your athletic department or university. A voicemail puts the power back in the hands of your audience and doesn’t put them on the spot when it comes to donations. 
  • Book appointments – Your university can use DirectDrop voicemail to contact students as well. Our service is a great way to quickly remind students of guidance counselor appointments. To read more about how DDVM can help you book appointments quickly, click here. 
  • Upcoming events & holiday reminders  – Remind people quickly of upcoming events and holidays where the university will be closed. If a last-minute event or school-wide closure occurs, it’s as quick as a click of a button to notify your entire target audience. 
  • Emergencies – Lastly, your university can utilize DirectDrop Voicemail if an emergency were to arise, such as a natural disaster or school lockdown. It’s important to have an emergency plan. DirectDrop can make it easier. Read more here about how to use DirectDrop Voicemail during an emergency. 

Want to learn more about how our tool can help your university reach new levels of success? We would love to connect. Reach out to us here. 

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