Voicemail isn’t dead. 

According to PEW research, 80% of Americans will not answer their phones to an unknown number. But, 67% of Americans say that they will check a voicemail if one is left. 

Voicemail is still an effective sales tool, especially if you leave a compelling enough message that intrigues the 67% of people who will click on it to listen. 

Why voicemail is still an effective sales tool: 

Increases Touchpoints 

Voicemail is an additional tool to add to your sales toolbelt to augment your traditional marketing efforts and create more touchpoints with consumers. 

For example, if you’ve already sent a postcard in the mail and a mass email to your contact list, the best next step is to send a personalized message to follow up and remind your target audience of your message. For example: “Watch your mail for a postcard I’ve just sent you…”

With our campaign pacing feature, your business can create a voicemail campaign with touchpoints that match the bandwidth of your team. We have seen it work with hundreds of customers, creating an effective and smooth customer experience. 

Increases Brand Exposure 

Leaving voicemails leads to more touchpoints with clients, which ultimately leads to more brand exposure. If your personalized voicemail is short, simple, and about your audience, then it will leave a good impression on people, enhancing their perception of your business and brand. 

Increases Personalization 

People want to hear from people.

With the number of messages circulating in our world today, it’s hard to break through and stand out. Sending personalized messages is one of the best ways to gain the attention and trust of your consumer. 

With our DirectDrop Voicemail tool, you can craft a customizable message or let us do the talking for you while still being able to select your gender, tone, voice pace, and accent preferences. 

To learn more about the different benefits of utilizing voicemail as an effective sales tool and how it could help lead your business to further success, click here to talk to a team member.

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