Agent bandwidth is one of the biggest pain points facing those of us in the ARM industry. Because inbound calls yield one of the highest conversion rates, it’s essential that they’re prioritized over outbound call quotas. In order to help increase agent bandwidth to take these inbound calls, you can utilize campaign pacing within your contact strategy to make sure your team can answer all the inbound calls. 

What is Campaign Pacing?

Campaign pacing is a feature built into our DirectDrop Voicemail software that allows agents to set up an automated campaign to deliver voice messages at a pace that matches their bandwidth. 

Benefits of Campaign Pacing

Instead of manual calling or using an auto dialer, campaign pacing allows you to meter the number of messages going out so that the inbound calls are also spread through out the day. The last thing a consumer wants to hear when they call back on their own time seeking resolution is, “Can you please hold”. 

Not only does campaign pacing help your agents stay proactive and productive, but it also allows them to provide a better consumer experience. And, consequently, helping to drive more revenue and cut overhead costs without adding headcount. 

How does VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail work? from VoApps Support on Vimeo.

DirectDrop Voicemail can be a useful tool in your contact strategy. Reach out to us here and we’ll set you up with a free demo!

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