With rules and regulations being so volatile in the ARM industry, it can be hard to decipher your thoughts on whether utilizing technology, let alone mixing it with consumer interactions, is something you want to do within your business. The fact of the matter is that you’re already actively utilizing technology throughout your business, and marrying technology and human interaction is only the logical next step.

How Technology Can Help Improve Your Consumer Interactions

In an increasingly digital era, it only makes sense that your consumers are beginning to expect more option, personalization, and convenience across every facet of their lives. With this being said, utilizing specific technologies, such as DirectDrop Voicemail, allows you to provide your consumers with a significantly heightened collection experience before they ever even hear an agent’s voice. 

Some ways in which DirectDrop Voicemail improves your consumer’s experience:

  • Provides personalization by allowing agents to grab important data that can help them better serve and uncover options for the consumer.

How to Introduce Technology Into Your Collections Business

Introducing technology that will aid in consumer interactions often results in a little bit of hesitation from agents. This, for the most part, is due to the false notion that technology is here to replace humans, rather than work alongside them for better outcomes. 

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth introduction:

  1. Align with your current strategies, both long- and short-term. 
  2. Communicate the vision for buy-in.
  3. Invest in training.
  4. Slowly implement the technology.

While technology can initially be a frightening word, valuing its capabilities will ultimately allow you to provide consumers with a better experience, result in more call conversions, and yield increased revenue for your business. 

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