In the world of call centers and collections agencies, the one thing that always stays consistent, no matter how much the industry changes, is the importance of human interaction.

Human interaction and customer service are so vital to every business in this industry. But we now find ourselves in an era of growing technology. It’s everywhere, leading many to think we are replacing human interaction with machines and technology. But what many don’t realize is that you can value both – it’s all about how you leverage the two together. Technology improves human interaction in a number of ways.

How Technology Improves Human Interaction

Broadens your reach

Most American adults are now wireless-only users when it comes to phone services. Not only does technology help broaden your reach through a mobile application, but it can also help delegate some manual processes away from your agents, freeing up their time to focus on the more important things, like inbound calls.

Provides personalization

If you can offer the person on the other line a touch of personalization, there’s a higher chance that you’ll convert on that call. Technology helps call centers and collection agencies grab important data that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. By combining the science of data and the rapport built with the consumers, technology can help strengthen those interactions.

Puts the ball in their court

One of the biggest issues facing the industry is that people don’t like to be interrupted. A phone call from an unfamiliar number while spending quality time with the family or catching up with a friend is probably going to get declined. With technology like DirectDrop Voicemail, interruption is no longer a problem – the ball is now in their court. Instead of receiving an unexpected call, they’ll receive a voicemail without their phone ever ringing. They’re able to call back on their own time, when they’re ready, rather than be forced into a conversation at an inconvenient time.

Valuing both human interaction and technology is all about how you intertwine the two. DirectDrop Voicemail is the perfect tool to help your business leverage both, keeping human interaction at the core.

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