Change is hard, and when you add technology into the mix, it can be especially difficult for agents to make the switch from the comfort of their current habits to something entirely new. While the fear of the unknown is usually the biggest driving factor in the resistance to change, there are always a few outliers that aren’t receptive to the good that new technology can do for the business. To help warm your agents up to the idea of new tech making its way into the business, check out these 3 tips for getting agents on board with new collections technologies. 

1. Introduce the technology in advance.

Just like your consumers don’t like to be blindsided by unsolicited phone calls, your agents don’t like to be blindsided by unexpected operational changes. The first step in getting your agents on board with new collections technologies is letting it be known, well in advance, that the change is coming. This gives them time to process the news as well as ask any questions or voice potential concerns. 

2. Welcome opinions with open arms.

After you’ve made the announcement that you will be implementing new technologies into the business, hold a meeting with your employees where they are allowed to constructively voice their opinions. Allowing your employees to give their opinions on the change before it gets into the workplace can create buy-in. This also allows upper management to explain why and how the technology is going to positively impact, or enhance, what your agents are currently doing. Remember that some people think new technology means they’ll lose their job. Holding this meeting can instill a positive notion around the technology from the get-go.

3. Train them on the technology before giving the green light on operations.

The worst thing any business can do is throw new technology into the operational mix before training employees on how to properly and effectively use it. Think about the first time you rode a bike. You probably had training wheels to guide you as you got the feel of how to ride the bike. If you had tried to ride without any training wheels, you probably would have crashed – the same goes for your business. Give your team adequate time to get up-to-speed on how and why they need to use the new technology. Make sure they’re confident before giving them the green light to use it by themselves! Whether that means starting with an integration team to identify any kinks or keeping the floor open for discussion during the first week of implementation, it’s important to take it slow.

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