Nobody likes to call and ask someone to give them money. But, if you’re planning a fundraiser, then that will be a large part of it. 

There’s this long process of collecting names and numbers of all your prospects, and you create this script whether written out or in your mind of how the call is going to go, but after all of that you still have to sit down and make the call. And there’s a good chance people won’t even answer if they don’t recognize the number anyway. 

There has to be an easier way to safely, legally and effectively reach your entire contact list and also improve the number of inbound calls you receive. 

A voicemail campaign helps you save time and get the word out to your entire audience without the intrusion of a phone call. 

Before you launch a campaign, though, there are a few things to make sure you consider.

What are your objectives? 

Before you make the first call, you need a clear communication strategy in place to help you reach your prospects. Start first by putting yourself in the shoes of the person. 

  • Who are we looking to reach: Why is this person someone you are contacting?
  • What are we looking to do: What is our fundraising goal? How many people do we want to reach? How many days do we want this campaign to run? How many inbound calls are we looking to receive? 

These are questions you need to nail down first before you move on to the next step, but once you determine the objectives of your fundraising campaign, you need to reach everyone in your queue. 

Reach your entire community

Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a for-profit business, a voicemail campaign offers a quick way to engage with your audience, grow your community base and increase callbacks. 

More ways to increase inbound calls: 

  • Send out personalized messages to your specific audience. You want to send messages to audiences to both ask for first-time donations and create a cadence communication to send people who have given to your organization previously. 
  • Remind your audience of upcoming fundraising events, fundraising goals and deadlines in which to give.
  • Tailor your message with automated customizable communication.

Don’t let automation scare you

You might be afraid at first to use an automated message for your fundraising campaign. But there are benefits to automation. 

These messages have the benefit of being far less intrusive than a call. Your unique message can meet consumers directly. The message goes straight to the voice mailbox. You can also personalize each message for tone, verbiage and speed, to help your consumers feel more comfortable. 

We would love to help you plan and strategize for your next upcoming fundraiser. Want to learn more about how we can help you plan a voicemail campaign? Our team would love to chat with you.

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