Working in the healthcare industry is hard enough without having to deal with manually dialing your entire customer base individually to contact them about collecting medical debt or reminding them to make an appointment. 

There’s an easier way, though. With DirectDrop Voicemail, your healthcare business can reach your entire queue quickly and encourage better engagements, call resolutions and help you by saving time wasted dialing out calls. 

Here are a few ways your physician’s office, hospital or other healthcare business can use our voicemail service: 

  • Increase the number of appointments booked – Let people know when it’s time to schedule appointments and give them the opportunity to call you with their availability.
  • Inform customers of important alerts or updates –  Inform your base of changes in policies, changes to accepted insurance, work hours, etc. 
  • Notify your customers when their payments are due – Make sure your patients know what they owe and how to resolve any unpaid invoices. 
  • Collect on past due balances – Notify patients whose due dates have passed that they have outstanding balances. DirectDrop Voicemail will garner a higher response rate than email or text.
  • Remind your customers of appointments – Contact existing patients of upcoming doctor’s appointments by sending them quick, automated messages directly. You can inform of any changes to appointments, directives for the day of the appointment, and let them know how to contact you should they need to reschedule. 

We can help you build a voicemail campaign for your business that works. Our team would love to chat with you more about the benefits of DirectDrop Voicemail. Reach out to us today.

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