The way we communicate has changed drastically as technology continues to improve. There are so many different communication methods out there for businesses to choose from, but few are more effective at reaching your audience at scale without being intrusive than voicemail. When leaving voicemails, you can get creative. There are many innovative ways you can take advantage of and utilize voicemail to make an impact when leaving messages. 

Here are 3 innovative ways to use voicemail this year:

1. Leave thank your voicemails to your customers. 

Everyone wants to be appreciated, including your customers. Reaching out to your customers with a personalized voicemail is a simple and easy way to show them how much you appreciate them. 

2. Send out important information to a large group of people. 

Sending out important information and updates to customers is key regardless of the type of business your company conducts. Voicemail is a great way to send important information to your customers without being intrusive. With voicemail, your customers will not have to answer the phone, and can still get the information they need. 

3. Update on payment status and/or upcoming events.

Some people have a hard time keeping track of upcoming payments and events. Using voicemail as a reminder for these upcoming tasks is easy and seamless. Instead of being bombarded with notifications or having to answer the phone and talk to someone, it’s nice for them to just listen to a voicemail and be reminded of what is to come. There are a lot of different ways that voicemail can be used to contact someone. If you’re still interested in learning about the effectiveness of a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign, you can read more here about how to customize voicemails with our Message Appendation feature.

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