Expanding your reach without expanding your headcount. That’s what we  promise with DirectDrop Voicemail. 

Our nonintrusive voicemail dropping technology is not simply a self-service technology. We’re here to give you strategy along the way, ensure your campaigns are running smoothly, and help you optimize to the best results on the bottom line.  

A few of the unique features of our technology include: 

• Campaign Pacing 

• Scrubbing 

• Restrictions 

• Customizable Voicemails 

Let’s take a deeper look at campaign pacing.

How does it work? 

Campaign pacing allows agents to set up automated voice messages at a pace that matches their bandwidth. Instead of manually calling, you can set up your automatic, customizable voicemail campaign to roll out throughout the day so that your inbound calls don’t flood your call center all at once. 

The last thing you want is to have to put your customers on hold once you get them on the phone, so you can set up the meter at a pace that works best for your business. Campaign pacing overall gives your customers a better experience and allows your agents to stay on top of inbound calls. 

To learn more about the benefits of campaign pacing for your contact strategy, click here. 

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