According to a recent report from MasterCard, 53% of people said they are using banking apps more than they did before the pandemic. The banking world has slowly been shifting to online banking, but COVID-19 propelled this shift even further, especially amongst the older population. 

The move to digital banking has removed many of the human elements of the banking process. This has created a decline in consumers’ trust. According to Accenture’s 2020 Global Banking Consumer Study, only 29% of people surveyed said they trust banks “a lot” to take care of their long-term financial well-being, compared with 43% two years ago. 

To establish and build trust, banks need to infiltrate human and personalized communication into their digital channels. 

With DirectDrop Voicemail, you can craft a customizable voicemail to reach your entire consumer base within minutes. Because the truth is, you can reach your customers better than anyone else. 

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The shift to digital banking is a good thing when approached the right way. If your company handles it wisely, it is a greater opportunity to create stronger customer relationships, reach a larger audience, and grow your business. 

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