Reaching a large group of people quickly during an emergency is very important but can be difficult. Emergencies can look different for every business. Whether your business is faced with an external risk like a natural disaster or an internal risk like workplace violence – it’s essential to have an emergency action plan in place. DirectDrop Voicemail can make an emergency action plan easier and more plausible here’s how: 

In August 2020, Category 4 Hurricane Laura struck Lousianna, causing destruction and death along the gulf coast. One-third of Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU) live along the gulf coast and were in the direct path of the hurricane. 

When faced with an emergency, TDECU needed to think fast and take action. They enlisted us to help launch a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign, so they could quickly reach their entire membership base with time-sensitive information. 

Within five minutes, they created a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign, sent it out, and informed their entire database on how they planned to waive ATM overdraft fees and their updated hours of operation before the storm even hit. 

 “The campaign created a heck of a buzz for us,” said TDECU’s Senior Dialer Manager. 

Positive feedback wasn’t the only success of the campaign. TDECU members also saved over $35,000 in ATM fees alone. 

That’s the power of DirectDrop Voicemail – quick, concise, and timely information.

Does your business have an emergency action plan? 

Are you looking for a tool that can reach people quickly? 

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