One of the main values of DirectDrop Voicemail is its versatility of use. This is software that can be used in countless different industries to communicate directly with your customers in a way that doesn’t intrude or interfere with their day-to-day life.

We talk often with clients about creative ways to use DirectDrop Voicemail, and we want to highlight some of the uses specifically for the online lending space. 

Here are four ways online lenders can use voicemail to communicate with consumers. 

Remarketing: Re-engage Leads for Future Revenue Streams

After a borrower has paid off a loan, online lenders can use voicemail to reach back out to thank them for payment and reconnect with them should they ever need to use the business’s service again. It helps stay top of mind for consumers, and they’ll remember the positive experience they had with you previously. Many of our clients will include a promo code to drive the next loan sooner.

Customer service: Important Announcements En Masse

Online lenders can use voicemail to communicate with consumers about upcoming specials, payment reminders and other important business announcements. You can also personalize the experience with a custom message that can be created to include:

• Gender preference

• Tone preference

• Voice pace and more!

This allows for a deeper relationship to be established with your consumer than just sending out a mass email or an unsolicited call. 

Send Voicemail On-Demand: Follow up on Applications  Immediately

Online lenders can now send DirectDrop Voicemails to consumers on demand. With this new feature, via API, you can immediately send out a single message as soon as they apply, or when the lead is received, rather than having to create a file for each one or add a batch of phone numbers. This is something we’ve seen have a huge impact on the online lending space.

As soon as a phone number is captured, instantly send a voicemail to the consumer with instructions to complete the process. This leads to higher conversion rates and a lower cost per funded loan.

Collections: The Most Obvious Use

This is typically the first place online lenders think to use our DirectDrop Voicemail platform.  Agents have a large contact list and not near enough time in the day to reach all of them. This offers the quickest solution to reach your customers at scale.

We know that DirectDrop Voicemail can have a huge impact on your online lending business to help you drive collections, funded loans and improve communication with consumers. Check out some more reasons why voicemail can be huge for your business, and help you generate 4x the inbound calls from customers seeking a resolution

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