Online lending is on the rise more than ever and with consumers falling behind on loan applications, lenders are looking for new, innovative ways to reengage leads. Here are three reasons why online lenders need DirectDrop Voicemail now. 

Personalizes the Consumer Experience 

With DirectDrop, you can leave a customizable voicemail. You can either upload a pre-recorded voicemail directly or we’ll customize a message for you based on the criteria you give us: 

• Gender preference

• Tone preference

• Voice pace

• …and more!

This allows for a deeper relationship to be established with your consumer than just sending out a mass email or an unsolicited call. 

Reengages Leads

DirectDrop can also help online lenders to reengage leads quickly. Here are the steps to take: 

  1. Compile a list of consumers who have not yet finished their loan applications.
  2. Record a customizable voicemail using DirectDrop.
  3. Send your voicemail to this list at the right time. 

This will help online lenders be sure to reach their target audience and qualify leads. Learn more here. 

Drives a More Holistic Approach

Lastly, online lenders need DirectDrop because it helps to drive a more holistic approach. With personalization, customizable lists, and friendly reminders at the right time online lenders will have a well-rounded approach to closing loan applications. 

For more information on DirectDrop Voicemail and how it can help drive your business to further success, reach out to us here. 

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