You’ve reached the point in the day where you’re starting to lose steam. There’s still a long list of names you have left to call before calling it quits. Your business has a message that needs to get to its consumers, but getting it to them is hard.

People don’t answer the phone anymore, and the time you spend dialing calls, without any promise of a return, is time wasted and money that could be put toward better efforts to increase your callbacks. 

So, how do you do this? Voicemail is still one of the most effective methods of reaching your audience and increasing your inbound calls. 

A voicemail campaign is the greatest way to maximize your efforts and ultimately increase your callbacks. Here are ways you can use voicemail: 

  1. Voicemail is an effective way to connect with your audience

Treat this voicemail for your campaign as you would any important call, an email, or face-to-face interaction. How would you keep a person from immediately hanging up or deleting the message? You have a limited amount of time to sell yourself, your business, and why this message is important. 

Think of the most valuable information and how to fit that into a 20-second call. Script out your voicemail and make sure the information is clear and compelling and that your audience is left with a set of expectations to call them back. 

  1. Voicemail empowers your consumers

We mentioned it already, but nobody answers phone calls anymore. However, they’ll respond to a voicemail if one is left. Receiving a phone call when they are not expecting it can make your consumers feel caught off guard or ambushed.

But your business can use a voicemail campaign to get ahead of common questions, be empathetic to consumers’ needs and offer helpful information and clear instructions so that they know exactly how to contact you when they are ready for a resolution. The most effective way to empower consumers is to put the ball in their court, and this is exactly what a voicemail campaign does.


  1. Voicemail expands your reach without stretching your bandwidth

By launching a voicemail campaign, you can easily contact a large group of people with scalability. With the press of a button, you can start running a campaign for thousands of individuals.

You can use a voicemail campaign to greatly increase mobile contacts without adding to your headcount and you can increase efficiency at your call center without adding any additional agents. 

We want to help you get your message to the most people, as quickly as possible. Our DirectDrop Voicemail can help you use voicemail to your advantage to improve the way you contact consumers.

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