Leaving an effective voicemail is one of the top ways to increase your inbound calls and put the power back in your consumers’ hands. 

Communication is the key to every business, and one of the keys to successful communication is consistency. Research shows that with every touchpoint you make, the likelihood of your prospect responding increases by 10%. 

Here’s how it plays out: 

  • Voicemail #1 = 11.0% callback rate 
  • Voicemail #2 = 12.1% callback rate 
  • Voicemail #3 = 14.3% callback rate 

And so on… 

But, to leave an effective voicemail series, you must have effective scripts to go off of. 

After working with hundreds of clients on their personalized voicemail campaigns, we have seen what works and what doesn’t work. We have tested everything from the inflection of the voice leaving the voicemail to the frequency of voicemails to the actual content of the message. Every client is different, but when it comes to voicemail scripts, there are a few rules that we tend to advise businesses to abide by. 

Keep it Short

The general rule of thumb is to keep voicemails under 20 seconds. We advise our clients to shoot for around 17 seconds and only include the most important information in the script.  

Keep it Simple 

Give your prospect everything that they need to know within one to two sentences. Rambling will only make your target audience wish that they had never hit play to begin with. 

Keep it Urgent 

Add a sense of urgency to your message. Maybe that looks like a limited offer or giving them until X date to call back. Whatever you do, don’t use the phrase “Call me back whenever”, or your prospect will never make you a priority on their to-do list.

Keep it Consistent 

Like we said at the beginning of this article, consistency in your targeting is key. You need to make several touchpoints before giving up. We recommend leaving at least 3 voicemails per target, but some businesses need up to 10 before they see results. 

With DirectDrop Voicemail, you can set up a campaign using campaign pacing, which will set up automated voicemails at a pace that matches the bandwidth of your team. Click here to learn more about our campaign pacing feature. 

Keep it About Them 

Never make the messaging and content about you. Avoid the sales lingo, keep it real, keep it simple, and keep it about the needs of your audience. Show that you are there to help them.

Example of a strong voicemail script for reminding a customer about a late payment: 

“Good morning, this is [NAME] from XYZ power calling to remind you of a payment missed on MM/DD. If you make the payment by MM/DD, then we will waive your late payment fee. Feel free to visit [INSERT URL] or reach out to me at [PHONE NUMBER] with any additional questions. Have a great day!”

For more tips and tricks on how to effectively increase your inbound calls with strong voicemail scripts, reach out to our team today. 

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