Technology plays an important role in our day-to-day operations. But many times we implement these technologies solely for the purpose for which they’re marketed. For VoApps’ Direct Drop Voicemail technology, that typically means leaving messages directly to a consumer’s voice mailbox with messages regarding unpaid debts so that they call back on their own time. However, there are many other innovative ways to use our ringless voicemail technology regardless of your main purpose for utilizing it.

1. Quickly inform your customers of important group-wide notices at scale in a matter of minutes.

Regardless of what type of business your company conducts, the chances of you needing to inform your customers at scale of an important update on more than one occasion is high. DirectDrop Voicemail will allow you to send these large campaigns in a matter of minutes so you can minimize the number of inbound calls you receive from customers asking the same question(s). 

2. Send your customers surprise delight voicemails thanking them for their continued business. 

Appreciation goes a long way. When you have thousands of customers, it can be difficult to think of ways to delight them that won’t cost your business a lot of money. Using DirectDrop Voicemail to send them a personalized Voicemail thanking each and every one of them for their business is a great way to show that they’re more than just another business interaction. 

3. Give friendly reminders.

Some of us use Google calendars to keep track of upcoming events, payments, and other reminders, while others use a paper planner. Some people, however, are less organized than others (no judgment here) and forget what is happening/due when. You can use DirectDrop Voicemail to send friendly reminders of upcoming payments to ensure they make them on time, or even to send awareness around a fun event you are hosting/sponsoring that they might be interested in.

While these are just a few quick ideas, there are various other ways you can be utilizing DirectDrop Voicemail in your business. Have some you want to share? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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