It’s no secret that the key to positive customer interactions lies in effective communication. While many businesses, specifically in the utilities and financial services sectors, understand the importance of communication, many lack the ability to quickly communicate important information with their thousands of customers at scale. 

While technologies such as VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail can help businesses reach thousands of customers in a matter of minutes, it’s important for business owners and decision makers to realize that the implementation of this technology does more than just increase bandwidth. It drives positive consumer-based impacts to their business.

What is DirectDrop Voicemail?

DirectDrop Voicemail is an automated technology that allows businesses to safely reach an extensive list of customers via voicemail in a matter of minutes, at the touch of a button. All you have to do is upload a list of your customers, create your own customized voicemail, and simply click the launch button and your message will be quickly delivered to your contacts giving them the important information they need. 

Positive Impacts of Quickly Reaching Customers at Scale with DirectDrop Voicemail:

1. Fosters trust: Customers inherently have a hard time trusting businesses they have to repeatedly give money to. While it’s no fault of the business, getting customers to trust that you truly care about them and their business with you can be difficult. By using DirectDrop Voicemail, you’re able to deliver a level of personalization, customization and repeated touches at a scale that can not be done by relying simply on manual dialing. On top of this, the speed at which you can deliver important, timely messages increases exponentially with the utilization of DirectDrop Voicemail. 

2. Enhances business perception: By creating trust within your customer base, as well as delivering on personalization – a key component to successful business interactions nowadays – your business’ brand perception will begin to gain some positive traction, garnering more attention referrals, and eventually, business. 

3. Increases your business’ bottom line: Customers are more apt to pay their bills on time when they feel cared for by the institution that they’re sending their payments to. The more trust you can foster and personalization you can give to your customer base, the more likely they are to pay, which then in turn drives an increase in your bottom line. And sometimes all it takes is a friendly, customized reminder.

Because many customers will not answer a phone call from an unknown number, we’ve designed our DirectDrop Voicemail solution to deliver their customized voicemail reminder directly to their voicemail box without ever calling their phone.

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