Speaking professionally on the phone is an important skill to master, especially in our digital world today. A professional phone call or voicemail can either lead to a positive or negative consumer experience. With these 5 tips, you will be sure to nail how to speak on the phone professionally moving forward. 

Promptly Answer with Personalization 

It’s always a good practice to answer a call on the third ring and add personalization to your pickup line. This might look like answering the phone with, “Hello, this is [insert your name] from [insert your company name].” If you know who is calling, it can be inviting and friendly to start the conversation with, “Hi, [insert name of the person calling you]. How are you today?].”

Timeliness and personalization will ultimately add to a positive initial interaction and kickstart to the call. 

Use a Warm Tone of Voice

You can have the perfect words to say, but if you don’t have a warm and inviting tone, the person on the other line may become disinterested or have a negative experience. It’s important to remember that emotions can be carried in your voice, even over the phone! 

Choose Your Words Wisely 

It’s important to be aware of the language you are using. To portray yourself as professional, do not use slang or casual language, be as concise as possible, and be respectful of the other person on the line. 

Speak Slowly and Clearly 

Articulation is just as important as your tone and the words you are using. Make sure that you’re not talking too fast, and not too slow, and articulating when stressing an important point, or conveying meaningful information, that the listener needs to hear. 

Summarize the Call at the End

Last, but certainly not least, make sure to summarize the call before it is ended. If any major to-dos come from the conversation, this is the time to ensure that both you and the person on the other end are on the same page. This will also show your listener that you were listening and engaged. 

Now that you are set up on how to speak on the phone professionally, check out some of our tips for recording a professional voicemail message, and click here to learn more about what we do at VoApps. 

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