When we talk about data scrubbing, we aren’t talking about cleaning your counters extra well. Data scrubbing, or data cleansing, is the process of removing data from a database that is incorrect, incomplete, repeated, or outdated. 

Digital data is prone to human error, so it is important to stay on top of data scrubbing, especially in industries that are utilizing large amounts of data such as, telecommunications, insurance, and banking. 

According to RingLead, in the next hour, 59 business addresses will change, 11 companies will change their name, and 41 new businesses will open (plus all the companies that will close). 

Not only can data scrubbing help your business with staying up to date, but it can also help with staying compliant, especially in the collections industry. 

One of the easiest ways to stay compliant is to frequently scrub your contact list, ensuring that you’re removing old phone numbers and staying updated with TCPA regulations and requirements. For additional tips on how to best data scrub your collections contact list, click here. 

If your business is looking to stay on top of data scrubbing, one of the main features of our DirectDrop Voicemail is scrubbing. We would love to get you started with a free demo here. 

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