Government institutions will always need to communicate important information to their citizens. But with all of the responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of the government, it can be difficult to quickly and effectively deliver messages to everyone who needs to receive it. Having a plan in place on how to communicate this critical information is key to successfully delivering messages to the masses. 

One of those ways to communicate could be with voicemail. With an automated voicemail, the person can still receive the message without having to pick up the phone. Not only is this less intrusive, but it’s also not time sensitive and the person can listen to the voicemail whenever they would like.  

In fact, according to PEW research, 80% of Americans will not answer their phones to an unknown number. But, 67% of Americans say that they will check a voicemail if one is left. 

Here are some of the ways voicemail can be used by your government agency: 

  1. Deliver timely messages about local weather: This includes inclement weather, tornado warnings, potential road closures, etc. 
  2. Deliver messages about voting information: Examples would be how to register and voter registration deadlines. 
  3. Deliver messages about closures: This could be government offices because of things like upcoming holidays, inclement weather, or other emergencies.

Using DirectDrop Voicemail 

DirectDrop Voicemail creates a connection to the end-users voicemail platform – not the mobile phone – and delivers the voicemail directly. DirectDrop Voicemail connects from the switch to the voicemail server housed at the carrier’s data center, which then relays the message-waiting notification to the end user.

With DirectDrop Voicemail, the person will be able to seamlessly receive the message you want to convey. The voicemail can get to multiple recipients, without the hassle of you having to call every person on your own. 

You won’t have to worry about someone not picking up your call, the message will be there for them to listen to on their own time, which is a great way to communicate to citizens important local government information. For more information on how DirectDrop Voicemail works, learn more here.  

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