One of the biggest pain points for call centers is reaching their consumers. While a lot of this stems from debt being something that consumers aren’t necessarily adamant to resolve, it also occurs because many call centers don’t have the right strategies put in place. To begin driving more callbacks and creating first call resolutions, consider these 3 call center improvement strategies.

Find out what your consumers really want

When it comes down to it, converting on calls begins and ends with how good the customer service was. While many call centers define customer service solely as the service provided while on the phone with the consumer, the call centers who are leading the market right now know that customer service goes deeper than the words spoken on the call. Great customer service is given when you take into consideration what your consumers really want.

According to the current market, what consumers really want is to be given personalization, options, and the ability to resolve their problem(s) on their own time. The type of technology that’s currently matching all 3 market demands? Self-service technology

Set your agents up for success 

Your agents are the bread and butter of your business. Their success, or lack thereof, determines the success of your call center. In order to ensure that your agents are rising to both your expectations and business goals, you need to give them the keys to the education ignition.

Continuous improvement has been proven time and time again to be the most effective strategy for enhancing operations and driving home business and sales goals. The saying, “You’ll only get as far as your weakest link will take you” holds true in every industry, and collections is no exception. Give your agents tools such as webinars, seminars, conference stipends, and call guides to freshen up their skill set and keep them interested in the work they’re doing.

Utilize technologies that will benefit you & the consumer

Historically, the collections industry has never been one to shy away from implementing new technologies. This is because, for the most part, businesses in the industry understand that utilizing technologies benefits both the business itself and the consumer.

Your consumer’s everyday lives are held in the palm of their hands – their mobile phones. So why not utilize a technology that will meet them where the want to be met? DirectDrop Voicemail is a technology that’s helping call centers to enhance their current strategies by meeting the consumer not only where they want to be met, but when they want to be met as well. 

By leaving a voicemail on the consumer’s mobile phone without ever causing the phone to ring, DirectDrop Voicemail allows the ‘power’ to be put back into the hands of the consumer letting them call back when they’re ready. 

Ready to create better interactions and drive calls from consumers ready for resolution? Let’s get you started with a free demo.

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