For call centers, the days of easily generating a callback or an immediate pick up are growing smaller. In our world, time is money, and continuous improvement is key to generating a surplus of both. Many call centers are beginning to pick up on the idea of using self-service channels to improve their day-to-day processes as a whole, but others are still hesitant to make the leap.

3 Ways Self-Service Channels Improve Call Centers

Generates More Inbound Calls

Inbound call generation is vital to the overall health and success of a call center. Figuring out the best way to generate these calls, though, is where many call centers fall short. By leveraging the use of self-service channels, consumers are able to handle their obligations on their own time and terms when they’re ready, rather than receiving a call they weren’t expecting. The less intrusive the collection call is, the more likely the consumer will be to call back, ultimately resulting in an increase in inbound calls over time.

Improves Agent Efficiency

In a traditional call center, 15% of every phone rep’s time is spent leaving voicemails. In fact, a team of 50 phone reps will leave roughly 1,277 hours of voicemails per month. That’s 1,277 hours that could’ve been spent productively answering inquiries. With the use of self-service channels, agents can streamline time-consuming, manual processes to reclaim valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

Not only will improved agent efficiency foster a more dynamic and effective call center, but it will also minimize the cost per call. It’s common knowledge that your agents represent the single biggest expense (labor costs) in your call center, and agent utilization rate is the best way to measure labor efficiency. The more an agent is being proactively utilized, the lower the cost per call will be.

Empowers Consumers

Consumers want options and flexibility, especially when it comes to their finances. Self-service channels empower them to call at a time and place that works best for them. The more efficient, tailored, and simple you can make the collections process for a consumer, the better their perceptions toward call centers will be. The better their perceptions, the more likely they’ll be to call back and handle their debts the next time you contact them.

Finding the right self-service channel for your call center can be tricky, but our patented DirectDrop Voicemail technology works well with every business model. To learn more about how DirectDrop Voicemail can help you improve your call center, reach out to us here.

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