The majority of American adults use their cell phone as their only number, and that proportion is over 70% for adults 25-34 (source: US Health Department study, released May 2017). Landlines just aren’t a thing anymore. But that creates a major problem for those in the collections industry.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) forbids calling cell phones from an automated dialing system without prior written consent. This regulation has had a significant impact on many agencies, who now struggle more than ever to reach debtors. And because the majority of consumers today are ditching their landline for a cell phone, many become virtually unreachable.

So how do you reach these customers? Enter DirectDrop Voicemail.

We help outbound dialing contact centers by enabling these firms to reach mobile phones without ever calling the cell phone user. DirectDrop Voicemail Service creates a landline-to-landline connection to the end user’s voicemail platform – not the mobile phone.

DirectDrop costs less than a quarter of the cost of a manual dial and is far more scalable. You are able to effectively reach thousands of consumers non-intrusively, empowering them to call into your call center at a time convenient for them. They know who they are calling, why they are calling, and have made the decision to speak to you. It’s no wonder our clients report more pleasant conversations and better agent morale as their favorite ancillary benefits of our service.

Want to know more about DirectDrop Voicemail and how it can help your agency? We would love to connect. Reach out here or call us at 855-364-9805.

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