The collections industry is a numbers game. An agent calls customers for hours on end only to be yelled at, hung up on, and largely ignored by most dialed parties. This is a highly ineffective and old practice that needs to change. It’s time to change the collections game.

From the Consumer’s Point of View

Consumers hate it when a collections agent calls them, let alone in the middle of their work day or at 8:59 p.m. on a Sunday evening. We’ve all received them, and it makes us irate. If you do answer the phone – from the usual unsuspecting number – you can’t wait to get off the line, and you surely aren’t listening to what that collections agent is saying. You don’t care – you’re annoyed.

From the Agents’ Point of View

Getting yelled at and hung up on daily is no fun. There is a negative connotation with collections agents, and it can feel impossible for agents to break that. It’s not often that most agents leave their job feeling accomplished, as many calls end up in frustration.

Changing the Game with Direct to Voicemail Technology

Direct voicemail dropping puts the control in the hands of the customer – much like a text message. They can listen to the voicemail on their own time and choose to contact the agent back when it’s convenient for them, not just for the agent.

It’s time to change the perception of collections agents and collections calls. When consumers can call back on their own time, they’re less likely to feel frustrated or bothered, resulting in a higher chance of making payments.

When an agent doesn’t have to make hundreds of calls per day, but rather waits until their customer calls them, they’re able to take more calls, have more success, and have better conversations.

We believe customers want to make their payments, they just don’t want to be ambushed. By taking away the bothersome phone calls and giving consumers more power, we’re bridging the gap between agents and consumers and creating healthy conversations.

Get started with DirectDrop voicemail to see how you can change the collections game. Contact us today.

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