To increase your profitibility, you need to reach mobile consumers. Our patented and proprietary solution delivers a voicemail directly to your contacts, saving your call center both time and money.


How does DirectDrop Voicemail Service reduce costs?

Costs Less than Manual Dial

  • DirectDrop Voicemail is less than half of the cost of a manual dial.
  • Reach all of your mobile customers with voicemail at a fraction of the cost!

More Reliable Scrub

  • The service is direct feedback from the telephone backbone, not merely a data match.
  • Allows you to focus efforts on real numbers.
  • Cleans your mobile contact list and provides reporting on which contacts have received your voicemail message.

Generate Inbound Calls

  • Allows your agents to focus on inbound traffic.
  • Focus your most valuable resource on resolving consumer issues, not outbound calls.

How does DirectDrop Voicemail Service generate results?

Not Magic, Just Inbound Calls

  • Consumers are ready to resolve their debt issues. It’s why they’ve initiated the call.
  • Consumers react favorably to non-intrusive communications – leading to higher quality contact rates and increased dollars collected.

Being More Cost-Effective Means…

  • You can reach all of your mobile contacts more frequently.

Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center

  • More inbound calls = more collections.
  • Callback numbers are programmable per campaign so you can track exact response rates and direct attribution.

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