Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular in the business world. AI has transformed how technology is used within the workforce, by replacing the need for humans to complete a task. AI is used by 48% of companies for their data analytics requirements alone. That being said, there are different tasks at work that can use AI to their advantage. 

Here are 3 different ways AI can be utilized to automate business processes: 

  1. Customer Support 

Businesses need a way to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their products or service. Customer service is needed to achieve that by having someone available to promptly solve the customer’s problem. This can be time-consuming, so utilizing AI can solve this issue through chatbots. AI bots help businesses communicate with consumers and help with issues the consumers might be facing such as product searches or product returns. Also, these bots can be available 24/7 without a human employee.  

  1. Data Analytics 

Data analytics allows businesses to gain insights within their organization based on patterns in data over time. AI-powered systems save time by being able to analyze data from hundreds of different sources, which helps you see what business processes work and what don’t. Specifically, customer data analyzed with AI can help forecast how your business is trending. For example, analyzing the number of emails you send out to your customers, the open rates, and the click-to-open rate (CTOR) of the email using AI can help predict future trends of what works and what doesn’t for email.  This can offer predictions of consumer behavior and product suggestions, without the manual labor of a person. 

  1. Mass Communication 

Any type of mass communication, whether it be email, text, or social media, can benefit from AI technology. With AI, tasks such as writing scripts for email or text or writing captions for social media posts can be helpful and help reduce the time and energy it takes to create these tasks.

Within the mass communication realm, voicemail communication, specifically DirectDrop Voicemail, is also a form of AI technology that can be of use when contacting your consumers. 

DirectDrop Voicemail replaces the task of manually dialing any number of calls to your audience. Using advancements in voicemail technology helps you better communicate your message to your audience on a greater scale. 

DirectDrop Voicemail is a great example of how technology can help give your business an advantage through AI. 

Here is an example of one of the new changes we’ve made to our software which helps a business attach a user’s account number at the end of a voicemail message, to direct a user to the account’s portal. This can make it easier for you to collect from consumers.

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