What do you do to help generate collections callbacks? Third-party collections agencies average about 20% recovery on delinquent debt. However, this is using traditional methods of calling would-be payers on the phone and attempting to reach a live person or leaving a voicemail.

There’s a better way.

The problem here is that the customer sees the unknown telephone number appearing on their cell phone and knows it is probably a solicitor or collector, and they won’t answer the call. Furthermore, given the disruption and negative feeling it brings, they rarely ever call the collector back.

With direct to voicemail technology, a new collections practice has been created, which auto-drops a voicemail into the consumer’s mobile voicemail box.

Here are 3 ways direct voicemail dropping helps generate collections callbacks:

  1. No interruptions. There is no call to the handset, just a notification that they have a voicemail waiting. That’s it. That means collections agents are no longer interrupting dinner, work, or a customer’s child’s baseball game.
  2. It’s on their own time. Because direct voicemail dropping sends a voicemail directly to the user’s phone, it gives them the power to call back at a time that’s convenient to them. Calling back when they’re ready and feeling like they have the power makes them much more likely to fulfill their obligations.
  3. It sends a notification. We all know there is some weird physiological connection to phone notifications. We are compelled to address them. By sending them a notification, payers are more inclined to listen to the voicemail.

Our clients report that consumers call back at a higher rate on DirectDrop Voicemails than on voicemails left after calling manually. Most think this is because they feel the voicemail is much less intrusive than a live call, and they can call back on their own terms, when they are ready. When you haven’t interrupted them and have empowered them to call back on their own time, you’re much more likely to achieve the result you are after.

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