New updates to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, what is most commonly known as Regulation F, went into effect at the end of last November. This is huge for the debt collection industry because it amends a more than 40-year-old ruling to allow creditors to now use email, text messaging, social media and other forms of modern communication to contact people who owe money on their debts. 

There are stipulations galore, of course, and you can catch the entire 653-page ruling here, if you want it, but there are a few things we can take away from this. 

One of the big things is that when creditors use these methods of contacting consumers, they must identify themselves as such. Any messages on social media must be private and you must give people the chance to opt out of using it as a means of communication. Also, there’s a limit placed on attempts to communicate that collectors can make to seven per week. 

The ruling also details what is considered a “limited-content message,” which essentially means all the “information a debt collector must and may include in a voicemail message for consumers (with the inclusion of no other information permitted) for the message to be deemed not to be a communication under the FDCPA,” so that means a limited content message does not violate the prohibition against third-party communications. Learn more about what a limited content message is here

Here are some of the benefits of Reg F to DirectDrop Voicemail:

A safe way to communicate

DirectDrop Voicemail can be used to deliver a limited content message. We can help you deliver your voice message to your consumers without the interruption of a call and empower them to respond at their own convenience. Our technology, which you can read more about here, helps you reach more consumers in a safe, compliant consumer-friendly way. 


Our voicemail technology is the perfect method for reaching your entire contact list you need to reach in your day. You can contact your consumers in just a few clicks, without interrupting their day, with a method that’s been proven to increase your ROI and help you attain a higher closing rate and a greater first-call resolution method than any other contact method. 

We know with this change comes a lot of questions, and you can know that with VoApps we’re here to train you thoroughly, give you strategies along the way, ensure your campaigns are running smoothly and help you optimize for the best results on the bottom line. 

If you have any additional questions about Reg F, our team would be happy to help answer them. Reach out to us here. 

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