Connections are what sustain an organization, especially in the nonprofit sector. As a nonprofit leader, it is important to stay connected with your donors, staff, volunteers, and audience who support your cause. But, as a nonprofit leader, you are spread thin with many responsibilities, so it is critical to have the right tools in place to help your organization thrive. 

With DirectDrop Voicemail, your organization can reach your target audience quickly, create better engagements, and enhance your nonprofit’s community base. 

Here are a few specific ways that your nonprofit can use our voicemail service:

• Send out personalized fundraising messages – Reaching your entire community to ask for support is a daunting task. With DirectDrop, you can send out personalized messages asking for first-time and recurring donations quickly and efficiently. Then the ones that are ready to donate call or go online. 

• Remind your audience of fundraising events – If you have a fundraising event coming up, our tool is a great way to remind your entire audience about where, when, and what time the event will be. 

• Segment your audience – Remember that one message, tone, and time may not be impactful for your entire target audience. Hitting the pain points of your specific audience is what builds community engagement. With DirectDrop Voicemail, you can create multiple different messages to hit your different audiences and test different elements of your campaign like tone, timing, and messaging cadence. 

To learn more about how you can build a voicemail campaign that works, click here. 
Interested in learning more about how our DirectDrop Voicemail tool can enhance your business?  Our team would love to chat with you! Schedule a meeting with our president, Todd Santa Maria, here.

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