If you manage a call center right now, there’s no doubt you’re also experiencing the same staffing problems that other industries in the United States are feeling, too. 

There aren’t enough agents on your staff to handle your calls. It’s a tough market to hire in right now, too. There’s currently a 3.6% unemployment rate, and there are 11.4M job openings, which means there are 2 jobs available for every unemployed worker. 

Call centers face a number of staffing issues, such as:

  • High turnover
  • Lack of the right talent
  • Extreme burnout from overworked staff

But that doesn’t change the workload on your plate. In order to keep up with your call volume, you’re going to have to get creative. 

Using an automated voicemail tool is something in your arsenal you can use to help give you some relief and help keep the staffing problems at bay for your call center. Here are some of the ways it helps you:

  • It saves you money: The National Call Center industry average says it costs a minimum of $0.76 to manually dial a mobile call, but a voicemail service is only a fraction of the cost. 
  • Increase quality callbacks: Most consumers want to pay their debts, but they prefer a reminder message not to just be ambushed by an untimely call. So, people are more inclined to call you back ready to talk to you. There’s less time wasted.
  • Better efficiency with no additional training: These tools are simple and can help you scale your message to better reach your audience.
  • Better employee retention: You’ll have an easier time keeping staff when they aren’t facing burnout.

Voicemails help you turn your outbound call center into an inbound call center, which makes handling calls much more manageable.
If you want to see how a voicemail campaign can help your business in its greatest time of need, reach out to us today.

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