With many Americans returning to work, those of us in the ARM industry (call centers, collection agencies, and respective agents) are both preparing and enacting back to office plans to ensure our call center agents remain safe and are gently eased into this “new normal”. 

To help navigate this change, we researched some tips that many call centers are utilizing as they return to their office desks. 

  1. Rethink your floorplans and/or space allocation. One of the easiest ways to ensure your agents feel safe coming back into the office is to provide proper personal space to each individual agent. Take some time to gauge your square footage to agent ratio and, if your office allows, create a more breathable layout for everyone. 
  1. Offer a Training Session (or two). Your call center agents have likely spent a lot of time working from home. And, as many know, working at home is a lot different than in an office setting. Try offering a couple of training sessions to give your agents a brief refresher to drive productivity and help boost their confidence. 
  1. Review Policies and Regulations.* Whether your call center is handling debt collection or taking customer service calls, they will likely receive many questions regarding relief assistance for bills or services. Be sure your agents know how to handle these inbound questions on the spot. The more knowledgeable they are on the spot, the more likely they are to convert on the call.

*For more information on compliance, rules, and regulations, check out TCN’s TCPA Compliance Complete Guide.

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