We’ve all heard the “You’ve Got Mail” phrase from AOL years ago. Well, now it’s time for “You’ve Got a Voicemail”.

As a collections agency, imagine if your agents spent their time answering calls from would-be payers rather than endlessly trying to reach them to no avail. This would really change things for your business, wouldn’t it? In fact, it would turn your outbound calling campaigns on their head – for the better!

This is where the collections industry is headed. That’s right. With new technologies now available, you can automatically deposit a voicemail on a payer’s mobile phone without risking TCPA compliance infractions. It works by making a direct connection from the carrier switch to the carrier’s voicemail platform, rather than to the mobile device itself. The system automatically deposits your voice message into the person’s voicemail inbox, and the carrier will then send a “message waiting” notification to the mobile phone. The end user’s device will then indicate a new voicemail, but their mobile phone is never called. It will simply “ding”.

As a revolutionary workaround to current TCPA mobile phone regulations, this technology has the potential to significantly increase a collections agency’s collection rate, and therefore, boost its revenue. What’s more, it is faster than manually dialing payers and leaving individual voicemails. It is also less intrusive, and there is no phone charge to consumers as their phone is never called.

We can all agree that the chances an agent actually reaches a consumer live and engages in a meaningful discussion are extremely low. This is why this approach makes so much sense. Consumers are much more likely to listen to a voicemail, when the time is convenient for them, rather than taking a live call during their day from a collector. The result is more inbound traffic from willing consumers to your agents, seeking resolution. The interactions are less contentious, fewer calls are made to consumers, and individuals are more inclined to pay what is owed. Your agents also have a tremendously improved hit rate in terms of reaching consumers and adequately communicating what is owed.

In this new, enhanced scenario, your agents will spend their time negotiating and resolving outstanding balances rather than endlessly dialing for dollars with minimal results. As one of the early adopters of this technology, you stand to create a significant sales advantage over your competition when appealing to new customers.

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