Let us help you get your coronavirus messaging out.

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In today’s world, information has to spread faster than COVID-19. But that information has to be accurate and up-to-date. What was true yesterday may not be today and vice versa. Sharing information about what is open, what is closed, how to get supplies, and what everyone needs to know has never been more important.

To that end, VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail is giving away 1 million free messages to state and local governments, schools, healthcare providers, aid workers and any other group that needs to spread the word to a group of concerned citizens.

Groups that participate will be able to deliver voicemail messages directly to constituents. At a time when making sure that information is being received, sending out voicemail messages on top of emails or texts is a smart way to make sure that what you need to share gets right to the people who need to hear what you have to say.

Delivering voicemails can provide important information and prevent a rush of phone calls flooding your office. The messages are delivered significantly faster than trying to make one call at a time. There is no price for peace of mind in a world where information is changing by the minute.

Let us help you

  1. We have budgeted to donate the delivery of 1 million voicemails to mobile phone users for causes helping people during the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Our technology was built to deliver voicemails to mobile phones at scale. We can deliver thousands of messages with a few clicks, meaning if you have vital information to get out to a large group, we can help you distribute that in minutes -- if you have mobile phone numbers for your target constituency.
  3. If your organization has an immediate need to distribute information, register with us below and we'll help walk you through the process of recording your message, uploading your phone numbers and delivering the message - or we'll do it for you.
  4. People are more likely to listen to a voicemail than read an email and some populations don't read texts, so to make sure your message is received, please let us help you by registering below.

Register your organization now! We’ll reach out to you quickly to set you up and walk you through delivering your messages: