We are currently in a tight labor market, and one of the more difficult times in history to hire talent for your call center or agency.

Turnover is notoriously high in the collections space, with some estimates saying there’s an attrition rate of 33%. There are not enough employees to handle the current workload, but that’s true about every industry right now. There are more than 11 million job openings with about 5.9 million unemployed persons looking for work. 

Job seekers are looking for wages to match the effort they are putting in, and they are mostly looking for opportunities that place a higher focus on their well-being

Call centers can be a difficult environment to work in. Agents are responsible for managing inbound customer complaints, which creates a lot of stress on workers and that stress directly leads to higher turnover. 

In this candidate-driven market, agents are feeling encouraged to seek other opportunities, there are fewer workers to replace a retiring generation and as a result turnover rates are likely to continue. Add to this the associated costs of recruiting and training and it just makes it harder to compete with other industries. 

But there’s a solution that can solve this lack of talent and high turnover: voicemail drops. 

A voicemail drop is one of the best, cost-effective ways for you to reach your audience, and here’s why: 

  1. You can make more outbound contacts without taking agent time. You get your best agent leaving every message: A voicemail drop pushes out a pre-recorded message to your audience, and it’s perfectly worded with all of the details they need to know.
  1. More resolutions and fewer contentious calls: When you send a voicemail you limit outbound calls and set your agents up to answer calls. The improvement in agent morale is one of the most common benefits we hear our service provides.
  1. Increase ROI without the overhead: Automation boosts ROI. That’s the bottom line. All you have to do is launch a campaign, and inbound calls start flowing in without the manual effort. 

While turnover at a call center is an issue that won’t be solved overnight, voicemail campaigns offer a solution to improve the workload of your current staff and set up your call center as an outbound call center. 

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