Call quality is the heart of every call center and collections agency’s business. We know that good call quality indicates a healthy business. This is a huge KPI, but some may fail to recognize, or even acknowledge, the importance of technology implementation and how that can substantially improve call quality.

3 Ways Technology can Improve Call Quality

1. Agent Accessibility. As a consumer, you really don’t want to be continuously transferred from line-to-line or stay on hold because every agent is busy. As a business, all of this costs you money. By introducing technology into your processes, you allow consumers to have more real-time accessibility to agents who can immediately answer questions, rather than waiting on the next available agent.

2. Reporting Metrics. The best way to improve call quality is by understanding what’s happening during the calls. The only way to do this is by implementing technology designed to give you call-specific information. The more knowledge you have, the better suited you are to make an informed decision on how to adjust agent scripts or procedures to create the best possible experience for the consumers.

3. More Flexibility. By using DirectDrop Voicemail technology, game-changing technology for call centers, you can deliver a voicemail to a mobile number without ever calling the phone. With this technology, you’re able to put the ball in the consumer’s court. When and where they’ll handle their obligations is up to them. The more choice and flexibility you give consumers, the more positive calls you receive from consumers with resolution on their mind.

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