Being in the collections space, regardless of the industry, can be a difficult and demanding job. Getting consumers to answer the phone is never an easy task for collections agents, but through the use of DirectDrop Voicemail, outbound calls can easily be rerouted to inbound leads from consumers who want to talk. 

DirectDrop Voicemail works most efficiently and effectively when utilized to its full capacity – be sure to follow these best practices while using the technology to help you optimize to the best results on the bottom line. 

  • Use a unique callback number for VoApps messages to measure success
  • Test, test, test! We encourage you to test different campaign aspects while using DirectDrop Voicemail such as changing the time of day and day of the week that you deliver a campaign, varying the script, voice type, and tone, and including a web address in the message to give another payment option.
  • Frequency is key. A regular cadence of deliveries will garner a higher response rate. 
  • Be prepared to take inbound calls. All inbound calls should come directly to a live agent. More than 60% of responses come within the first two hours after message delivery, so plan accordingly.
  • Automate the file upload. This will save you lots of time. Many DirectDrop Voicemail users send files automatically through our simple API or FTP.

Interested in seeing first-hand how DirectDrop Voicemail’s vast network of features and powerful automation capabilities? Reach out to us here and we’ll get you started with a free demo.

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